Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cheese and Genetics

Event Happened Today Morning:
Power of Inheritance. we inherit from our parents and grand & great parents. Abhinav already showing the inheritance in many forms. His sleeping gesture is like his grand father (Priya's Father).Bruxism is inherited from me. Physic is inherited from mother. Transactional mind is inherited from my father....much more. Below one is way of talking.
Priya complained about Abhinav that, he took Cheese bar from Refrigerator and eating like breakfast. And he is asking more & more. So I stepped in.

Me: If you eat cheese alone, then you may find bad taste at mouth and you may vomit. You need to eat cheese along with Dosa, Chapathi, Bread…etc
Abhinav: he is dragging me to near wall where Vitamin chart is displayed. See, if you eat cheese , you will get B12.
Me: you need to eat along with other food. Not alone..
Abhinav: show me where it is written in vitamin chart?
Me: As usual blinking…

Sub event on Feb 7, 2014 :
I was helping my friend to open PPF account in SBI where his application rejected previous day for dummy reasons. So I stepped in.

Friend: Submitting application for PPF to the manager.
Manager: It can not be accepted due to not having Savings account with SBI.
Me: Savings account not required for PPF
Manager: We are not allowed to open PPF account without savings account as per rule
Me: Show me where It is written ? As per Government rule, it is not required.
(Then we met Branch head and he got PPF Account without SBI savings Account)