Thursday, February 13, 2014

Abhinav's Childish Mischevious -1

I thought of using my Blog for Abhinav's Mischevious questions and Events; of course it is childish and brainy.

(January 2014)
Event 1:
Me and Abhinav Playing English Alphabets ( before and after Letters)
Me: what is the letter after “ C”?
Abhinav: ‘ D ‘ daddy.
Now his turn
Abhinav: What is the Letter after “Z”?
M: blinking as usual…

Event 2:
Priya Watching Malayalam movie in Laptop. Abhinav usually ask about movie name and language to me /wife if we see movies in laptop.
Abhinav: What is the movie name amma?
Priya: I am watching malaylam movie kutti?
Abhinav: I asked movie name not language
Me and Priya Laughing …

Event 3:
Pon vidyasram school is hosting annual day and every LKG class will have one representative. Abhinav got selected in his class and he is going to host as “ guruvaurappan”.he went for rehearsal on Saturday and he is hosting as “Mahavir”. Priya thinks “ for guruvaurappan, atleast some make up and dressing; so worth taking some photographs”, “ for mahavir, it is just komanam only”.
Abhinav is very adamant for mahavir only, finally the reason is For mahavir, the other students will do aarathi and offer flowers on feet. for guruvaurappan , it just stand and other student will do only dance.

And many more…will right shortly.