Friday, October 13, 2017

Abhinav's First Share

Relationship between Share market and Hot wheels.

Today's morning conversation between me and Abhinav which happened when we were riding on bike.

Abhinav: Daddy, are there any shares around Rs 200. 

Me:          Why are you asking? Yes , plenty of shares are there below 200
Abhinav: I have pocket money of Rs 200 and I want to spend by buying share.
Me:          Very good.
Abhinav: Pl get all documents and details of shares. Let me select.
Me:          Omg. Documents !!!
Abhinav: Is Hot wheels share available?
Me:          No. Evening we will select your first share.

Me and Priya was very proud of his thought process. 
My Mom just quoted Tamil Proverb " Thai 8 adi pancha, kutti 16 adi payum!! "