Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dog Bite - First Aid and Treatment

Recently Abhinav became victim of dog bite and he is having fear of dogs now. Three weeks before, Abhinav was running on street and two dogs chased him and made some scratches in his thigh. Priya was insisting not to run on the street and enjoy the cycling. But young Abhinav always listens to his instinct and he became dog bite victim.
Since he was under shock of dog chase, he could not remember exactly whether dog bite him or scratched him by nails. Though it looks like scratch to me, But Doctor said to me below as it is old saying.
" Cat scratches ; Dog bites " -   " பூனை பிராண்டும்; நாய் கடிக்கும் "
Instead of waiting and doing research on how it happened, Doctor advised to go for three dose vaccination . He did get vaccination and he is happily roaming around and following his instincts gain. 
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First Aid for Dog Bite

Based on type of exposure, the treatment is classified. (Source: GSK)
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Recommended Tratment for Dog bite

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How to Prevent from Bitten?