Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Abhinav's Questions

Lately, Abhinav started asking questions with mixing his subjects and we are awestruck.
Subject Question: Why there is no life in the Moon?
Subject Answer: There is no life in the moon because there is no air.
Abhinav question: Whether water is there in the Moon? 
Subject Question: What is the big one digit number?
Subject Answer:  9
Abhinav Question: Why not 9.5? 

Me and Abhinav were having discussion about something and suddenly topic changed to creation and Lord Brahma. And I told him that Lord Shiva chopped off fifth head of Lord Brahma due to his untruthful and his proud ness. 
Abhinav asked me " So Lord Shiva is more powerful than Lord Brahma?".
I replied yes and " Lord Shiva is supreme god and very powerful".
Abhinav asked " how Lord Shiva got his power? Who gave him the Power? ; The person / God who gave powers to Lord Shiva is " More Powerful".
I said " there no God above Lord Shiva". If any, then i don't know based on my knowledge level.
Abhinav quickly replied " Ask Google".
I said " Google don't know this things because Hinduism very complex".
Abhinav told " You said once Google can give any answers for any questions. Now you are saying it is not". He did not wait for my answer and started to his school.
Lord Shiva and Brahma