Monday, February 22, 2016

Free online Kids Test

It is been while. 
Me and Priya are very much following that Abhinav should not be burden with "Study Study Study" buzz even during exam time. But whenever he likes to put extra effort on his favorites ( EVS and Maths), we wont stop it. Infact, Abhinav wrote FA4 exam without preparing at home. It is clealry telling that he is concentrating very good in class room. Though his Teacher complians about his carelessness and mischeviousness at class. She also tells about his lack of concenteration on relative basis. It is real conflict. But he is very good in learning provided he likes that subject. He is average in Hindi ( probably inheritance from me and Priya).

Abhinav is enjoying the Free online Kids test. Thanks to IXL and Softschool. IXL offers free 20 question in Maths and English each on daily basis. IXL framework is very good and it gives step by step platform for stressfree Learning. It is all "Choose the best answer type with Pictorial representation whereever is possible". If you choose wrong answer, it gives very good explanation.

Softschool also gives extraordinarly learning without boundaries for kids. With parents, Kids can enjoy these Games based Learning. Simple addition is mixed with coloring which triggers effective participation by Abhinav. 

Parents, why dont you try good things which comes at free ( except data cost).