Monday, February 22, 2016

Deaf Dumb Blind and Appendix

Abhinav was taking Human Body game in softscool. He really impressed with how human body is designed and its functionality.

Abhinav raised few questions.

1. Though Deaf person has good ears, why he cant hear?
2. Though Blind person has good eyes, why he cant see?
3. Though Dumb person has good mouth, why he cant speak?

I explained to Abhinav that it is looking very good in outside only. But internally it has some issues like no growth, damaged, over growth and side effects. He understood little, but he sill had doubtful face. He will learn over a time.

Abhinav strongly belives in GOD. He trust GOD unconditionally, When i was explaining about human body, I said Appendix has " No Use" for us. 

But it disturbs few people by growing bigger. Abhinav simply denied and he said " God has given every part for a reason, So Appendix also serves some purpose; But only we are not aware, i will find it".

I am awestuck. He is breeding scientist.