Thursday, November 12, 2015

Google & GRT Jewellery

We planned to buy gold Pendant for Priya's Birthday and We attempted to go to jeweler a day before Birthday. Abhinav Slept and we had delayed start.
I pinned on google Maps to go GRT Jewelry, T Nagar around 825PM. Upon clicking Navigation in App, Google Navigator suggested that as below.
GRT Jewelry, T Nagar
Opening time: 9am
Closing time:  9pm
" By the time you reach Jewelry, It will be closed; you want to proceed"
14.5% to 12 % 11%
Google Maps even calculates the live traffic delays in to account. 
Me and Priya wondered that How Technology simplifying our Problem and it helps to improve our life. We bought Pendant on the day of Birthday itself. Gold also down by Rs 15 per gram compare to previous day.  Lucky me.
But as usual, Jewelry charged Wastage on higher side due to Festival sale. 

Wastage as per Sticker:        14.5%
First Estimate by executive:  12%
Safari dress Person Corrected to 11% which is Final one.

They are providing equivalent weight of silver as per your gold purchase. It is just voucher and it is a Trap for buying more. the Voucher is useless unless you have an agenda of buying Silver. Voucher also has short validity.