Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Diwali 2015

This Year also Diwali Celebration is at Chennai and the climate is very Pleasant and  Rainy & Cloudy.

Igniting Atom Bomb 

  • As we prayed, Rain God stopped for a while as breather for enjoying Cracker in morning as well as evening. 
  • Oil bath is always tough one and Priya is very insistent on it. We all became victim of that.
  • Abhinav loved to play with Sound based crackers - more of 2 shots, Atom Bomb, Hitler Shot...etc. He is fearless and enjoyed making lot of Cracker noise
  • Home made sweets are always tasty and healthy. Priya made delicious Cashew nut cake and Kara Murruku. Me and Abhinav filled our stomach almost Sweet and Karam
  • Subbu & Family came to our House and we had fun time especially Kids. 
  • All Channels were shouting for their latest movie airing and it became easy for audience to kill the rest time.
  • No festival is complete with out Dr. Solomon Pappaiah Debate Show. Priya is strict follower of it. I always wonder the title selection is very biased to wards easy judgement and Why Speaker Raja is always in losing side though he is very good in arguing. 
  • Evening, there was a chase between Light and Sound in Crackers across Street & city. Abhinav is worried about Birds and he even asked " Where it will go for a day?"
  • Abhinav was fearful in sparklers and Pencil. But he enjoyed Chattai, Flower Pot, Chakra and Color Changing Butterflies.
  • It was good celebration.

Ready for it
Igniting Crackers first in Street

Happy Family