Friday, July 3, 2015

Chocolate Saga & Smartness

Abhinav stays in his school Computer Lab after his school hours. Priya Completes her Daily School chores and both return to home. All Computer staff hangouts in their Computer Lab and Abhinav also joins them occasionally.

One fine day, Priya’s friend distributed chocolate to all her colleagues in computer Lab. Since Abhinav had cough, Priya instructed not accept chocolate and moved from that place. Her Colleague was holding chocolate and turned her face to other staff for gesturing.

Abhinav quickly took that Chocolate from her hand and replied “Thanks Da”.  “Da” is the hangout word which will be joined with slang words between colleagues. Priya asked him for using that Word. He replied that “So you all assume that you took from her hand”.

Priya and her friends laughed for his smartness cum innocence.