Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review Nadodigal


Nadodigal – Simply Best! Wordless

Production: Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd

Direction: Samuthirakkani

Star-casts: Sasi Kumar, Abhinaya, Anaya, Vijay Vasanth, Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and many others.

Music: Sundar C Babu

Fine! The ‘Subramaniapuram’ team keep us invigorated us with more commendable themes. For a greatest part, the films associated with that crew do really make us watch them more than once. It was more evident with ‘Subramaniapuram’ and ‘Pasanga’. Now, it’s all happening with ‘Nadodigal’ directed by Samuthirakkani. Maybe, this is his debut directorial but has spelled the best on terms of technical as well narration. Let it be the angles of camera placement or the jocular dialogues or the emotional output from the actors, they’re perfectly handled.

The film is about a group of friends; Karuna (Sasi Kumar), Pandian (Bharani) and Chandran (Bharani) going through a happy life. They’ve a good family backgrounds, lovely parents and lovable girlfriends. But their life is turned upside down once Karuna’s close friend Saravanan, son of ex-MP from Namakkal seeks their help in getting him united with his girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of a bigwig. With their courageous attempt, they go ahead in accomplishing with the task by losing peace, happiness and future of their lives. But finally, when they get to know that the united couple are ready for divorce, their frustrations have no end…

Director Sasi Kumar holds a special position for him in Kollywood now. For sure, the leading actors who refused to do his role must be really disappointed with it. Sasi Kumar should’ve turned the present frontline actors on his attention. Actress Anaya and Abhinaya have done best on their parts with unique traits. Bharani of Kalloori fames excels by stealing the show. What an extraordinary performance he has done? He keeps winning laurels from the audiences throughout his portions. On the pars, Vijay Vasanth who didn’t have enough role in Chennai 600028 and Thozha gets a meaty role to showcase. Ganja Karuppu on his part adds to the humor quotients.

Nadodigal Gallery

Samuthirakkani has well expressed every emotional sequences to the best. Let it be laughter or emotions, they’re outstandingly perfect. You’ll witness it if you watch this film with the audiences. Because, it has a strong social theme of how today LOVE AFFAIRS have gone cheap. It justifies the theme from the part of parents. But differently, friends’ version of this motif is a good attempt.

The ending shot of this film is yet another additional highlight. Musical Score by Sundar C Babu embellishes the film, especially the number ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ picks your attention.

On the whole, ‘Nadodigal’ will be a successful film of this season and for sure will go with more collections.

Verdict : Don’t miss it by all means…