Saturday, January 7, 2017

Spellbee International

This time Abhinav shown interest to participate in Spell Bee International though he dont like English much ( basically his 90% interest in Science and Maths only). But He want to see how the exam would be? We enrolled for the Inter-School level and exam happened last Month. Totally he would have spend 10 hours in preparation in which he gave more time for GK rather than English. 
unnamed-13.pngYesterday His Teacher announced him as School Topper in his Grade. That means there are 12 section in Class 2. Each class has average of 35 students, out of which 10-12 students might be participated from his school. So it would be 150 students participation in Class 2 and Abhinav scored Topper and he is eligible to participate in State / Regional level competition. The cost of conducting Spell bee exam is Rs 400 plus for entry level and Rs 450 for next level. it is very very expensive relative to IMO (Olympiad exam is Rs 110). Spell bee management needs to consider this. 
Some snapshots from Spell Bee website:
Spell Bee.png
About Spell bee Portion for Inter-School where as Abhinav became Topper.
Round ISpell it Right 
 Round IIWord Analysis 
  Round IIIInflects And Collocations 
 Round IV
Round V
Find the Correct Sentence
General Knowledge