Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Seahorse - Hidden Secrets

Very Interesting facts about Seahorse ( source: Livemint)

  • Seahorses boast a host of oddities
  • Males, not females, carry and give birth to babies
  • They swim upright, not horizontally
  • They have horse-like heads, tube-like snouts and no teeth
  • They have grasping tails to grip sea-grasses and corals to avoid being swept away by currents
  • Their eyes work independently, letting them look forward and backward simultaneously
  • They can change colours to camouflage themselves
  • Male seahorses possess a brood pouch. During mating, a female deposits eggs into the male’s pouch. The male fertilizes the eggs internally and carries them in the pouch until they hatch, releasing the fully formed offspring into the sea
 Picture Courtesy: Google and allied sites

Big Belly Seahorse
Baby seahorse

Seahorse Skeleton