Saturday, September 3, 2016

Out of the Book Thinking by Abhinav

Abhinav is such a boy that he always think out of textbook and get low marks. We were happy that he is not part of herd. He proved in many occasions at home. But the problem is " he started showing in exams too".
Boxed vs Out of Box
Occasion 1:
Write words as per Pictures. One Woman who is physically fit and one Man who is physically unfit.
PictureTextbook answerAbhinav answer
Physically Fit WomanThinLean
Physically unfit manThickFat
English Literature madam gave wrong answer and asked Abhinav to follow exactly same as textbook.
Occasion 2:
Question and Answer
Why do we need a House?
Textbook answer:   We need a house for protection from Animals
Abhinav answer:    We need a House to Live
Madam gave wrong answer. Another friend of Abhinav wrote " We need a house to stay" which also termed as wrong answer.
Occasion 3:
Write Opposite words
WordTextbook answerAbhinav answer
Madam gave wrong answer and asked strictly to follow textbook answer. 
Actually "Unlike" also right answer of opposite of "Like" provided Like is considered as preposition word. if you consider as verb, then "dislike" is right answer.
Actually "Big" also right answer of opposite of "Little". 
Certain School teachers are stopping the Students innovative mind. Actually they need to appreciate and encourage for "Out of Box thinking"