Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Vacation (2016) - Part 3

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After our Kodaikanal trip, we were in dilemma either to head back Andipatti or Palani. But we spotted Palani bus in Kodaikanal Bus stand and we are all in for getting the Handsome Lord Murugan Blessings. The Bus Journey to Palani is very thrilling and adventurous. Because the barricades are broken and someplaces there is none. Road is narrow than Badalagundu route. So Two vechicle crossing needs special attention and Driver should be smart enough. It took around 3 hours journey. We used my Brother help to move luggage to his shop and got priority seat in Temple winch. 

We took Rs 10 ticket and had darshan in 5 minutes. Unusually, we stood before almighty for 10 minutes without push - pull from guards or devotees. There were 10-12 devotees including ourself was having darshan. It was always visual treat to keep seeing Lord Murugan and His blessings are unstoppable. Since it is past Lunch, we thought of taking Temple Annadhanam. But it queue were very long and halls were densely packed. We gave a skip and bought Temple prasad ( Pulioyadharai, Sarkarai Pongal and Panchamirtham). Abhinav agreed to take elphant path for getting down. It took 20 minutes and we took our luggage after few minutes relaxation and headed for Andipatti.

Vaigai Dam and Jumbuliputtur

Vaigai dam is a good picnic spot for Theni district people. It is better to go on sunday because  park Lightings will be fully on sunday only. Dam has good flora, Views, Boating, Toy train and Children par. All are not greatly maintained but it is mediocre one. 
Abhinav went with his little brother Danush. Thay had a fun time. 

Jumbuliputtur is one of the Perumal Temple around my native. Mostly, people go every saturday to get blessings of Lord Narayanan. It is said to be " Suyambu". Before renovation, we can see lot of paintings and Contribution person details where i always look for my grandfathers name and feel happy. After renovation, the paintings are gone by cement coating. Medium sized Temple with Templ pond makes it very beautiful.

Few Kumaba Karai snaps
Kumbakarai is also one of the sweet picnic spot near by Periyakulam. It is kind of water falls with dangerous depth and boulders. There is no proper sign boards; so people with least information can meet dangerous situation of drowning. My father met with small incident but he was saved. But there are few known places with less risk falls and enjoyable pond where kids can enjoy it. It is a reserve forest area and it is covered fully with green. 

There is two change room and one big shelter if it rains. Abhinav swam in water and he enjoyed. but we had a very limited time since it was drizzling. Forest officers called back all visitors because huge water flow risk from kodaikonal downfall. Since unknown quantum of water from kodai hills, it is better to be safer than expose to risk. People came with food and enjoed their food in shelter. It was really fun place. The Road to Kumbakarai has Mango farms on both sides. It was treat to see it and taste it.

Last Part will be continued in next post. Again Lazy attacked me !!!