Monday, March 14, 2016

Peacock as pet Animal

Abhinav is more interested in having pet animals. He keeps asking us of having "Love Birds", "Parrot", " Chik", "Puppy" and "Kitten". We used to reply him that " you cant maintain them since you are very young".

We also tell him that " you are too lazy to water plants and trees at home". How you will keep pet animals and maintain it and " how you will feed when you are away from home for vaccation?". So he keeps quiet and asks again after sometime.

Day before yesterday, Abhinav asked  to have Peacock as pet animal. I laughed and he insisted his seriousness. Then i explained that " Peacock is our National Bird and it is illegal to keep at home and farms. Police will arrest us if we keep Peacock. He did not buy my reply fully but it silenced him due to police impact. 

I asked him " why suddenly you are interested in Peacock?"

He replied "it will dance with full open feather before rain and we will know rain in advance". So we can be safe.

I thought internally, " How Chennai Floods made the impact on little heart !!!!?"