Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lord Vinayaga Found in Guruvayur

Date: 17-Sep-2015
Event 1: 

Ganesh & Gowri Pooja at Home
Vinayagar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration happened at house. This Pooja used to be done by Male Person. So Me and Abhinav wokeup early and had good Head bath. 

Headed out to Buy clay Vinayaga. we have Standard decorating silver ornaments for Lord Ganesha and I was decorating it. Abhinav was playing with ornaments and asked me few questions.  

Abhinav:             "Why Vinayaga has one broken tusk?"
Me:                       He broke his tusk and used for writing Ramayanam Epic.
Abhinav:             "why did not he use Birds Feather?"
Me:                       Since Ramayanam going to be big Story ( EPIC), He wanted something very                 Reliable and Robust. we will discuss later and Lets pray.

Date: 26-Sep-2015
Event 2: 
One Tusked Elephant

We had Family Get together at Guruvayur, Kerala for "Danush Choorunu Function" and   "Priya Tulabaram Event". After both events, we went to "Anakkota" where all guruvayur Temple Elephants live and hang out. 

It is World of Elephants; we can see different size, age, black shades and their regular habituation. Abhinav was enjoying it and he found one elephant was having only one tusk. Quickly he shouted " Lord Vinayagar" is here.

Anakotta More details Click here.

He correlated both events and he made the statement. he felt proud and happy after seeing single tusked elephant.