Sunday, January 27, 2019

defy the markets: index investing 2

defy the markets: index investing 2: Whenever I am asked for advice on investing, I recommend the broader index . I never suggest individual stocks to anyone. For the most, pic...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Two Interesting things

It is always good time when i am with Abhinav. He is real thought provoker and makes me take good initiatives. 

1. Go-Green Initiative 

Last Sunday, Myself and Abhinav went to Anjappar Resturant , Porur, Chennai for getting the Carrier Meals parcel. While starting from home, Abhinav reminded me to take utensils and Cloth bag. I used to tell him whenever he goes to nearest shops in order to avoid polythene bags. So we went with full utensils. We billed for Full career meals in cash section ( Rs 180). Cashier did not entertain to answer the query for filling all the gravy in utensils.  But the parcel carrying person rejected my request and went to Cashier again. Both refused to accept the option. They were adamant on giving all food items in container and polythene bags. 
Abhinav lost his patience and he started pushing me to go home. I escalated to Restaurant manager and he has a kind heart to agree to give food in utensils. In fact, he is so friendly enough. Even you want to Go-Green, Surroundings are note helping. 
People attitude has to change. Otherwise, nobody cant save Mother Earth.

2. Reflection

We used to get sunlight in our living room in the month of Feb, March only because of location of adjacent buildings. Today i was explaning the reflection by using the sunlight while Abhinav was having his breakfast. 
Object color defines the reflected light color. Suppose object is red in color which means sunlight (whitelight) reflected by that red object which keeps red light and reflects remaining color. Abhinav was quick enough to ask me " If reflected light falls on another red object, What would be color of the object because reflected light does not have red at all".

I said quickly "I dont have any answers for this question. Pl eat and go School. "

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Abhinav's Latest drawing

Abhinav hand has good set of skills and magic. Below Rose drawn by him. Borderline and coloring were done by him. He used Google to get the picture and tried to draw as per the picture.

He is amazing.